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Black Friday 2015 is here! We know you like our sexy lingerie. Now is the time to place an order. Use one of our discount codes to complete your order.
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Starts 27.11.2015 Till 29.11.2015
At checkout discount will be implemented only on products from specific lingerie collection. Don't forget to use discount code at checkout! Happy shopping! ...btw we will send lingerie present...

Christmas 2015, Lingerie present from Sexylingerieland

Christmas 2015, Lingerie present from Sexylingerieland

In regard of christmas 2015 we have decided to give you a lingerie present. You may ask, what it means for me? It is simple. If you order anything from now, you will receive also a lingerie present. Lingerie present is a sexy gift. It could be anything from our lingerie collection. Size will be chosen according on ordered items. 

Till 24.12.2015

Corsets once and nowadays

Corset is a close-fitting piece of lingerie that has been designed by various means in order to shape woman’s hips. The goal was to get perfect silhouette. At 18th century was corset a part of women’s every outfit a part of clothing at this time. Corsets were made of stiff bodice with laced back. Usually were made of hardened textile and leathers. First precursors of corsets were made in 15th century. What has changed in those years?

Nowadays you could find a plenty of corsets. We could divide...

Costumes Duty for Party time & roleplay

Do you remember these days, when we as children have carnival parties. Every one of us was unique, has own costume and represented own beloved character. Those times are gone, but costumes are still here. They are better, prettier and designed for various events.


Party time

Costumes for parties are very well designed. They are showing specific identity and helping create custom character. Our costumes are designed to maximize womens beauty with a little bit spicy magic. You could be Read the article →

Bridal lingerie or How to make your first night unforgotable.

By buying wedding rings, everybody is thinking on whole preparation of their wedding. Because everybody wants to fulfill their imagination. But, how about first night as a Man and Woman? Think about it. First of all, every bride couldn’t forget to choose lingerie, for this unique night.

Every woman want to impress, especially at first night. Women could find a plenty of variants of corsets, costumes, lingerie sets, babydolls, chemises, bodystockings, teddies and so on. But what to choose from these sexiness?