What expose color of lingerie

What expose color of lingerie.

It is generally known that white wears classic heartthrob, red wild carnivores. Is it true? What about another colors?

Every woman has a dominant color in her closet. This color is bounded and can talk more about the person. Perhaps feelings or behavior. The major color forms your style and image, but what about colors of your underwear?


Black - ambitious

Woman who loves black lingerie is not afraid to stand on top of everything. She prefer classic...

Why I love Bodystockings ? Part III.

Design and color. These two things can approach you to make the right choice. Color is more important than design. That is my opinion. For example if I like sexy suspender ornamented bodystocking, fully crochet with fishnet details. And these bodystocking are in yellow color. I just don’t want it. {I hate yellow color}


Let’s talk about colors. In lingerie world can color describe your personality, character, emotions or feelings. In general everybody know that you can’t fault anything with black color. Yes it is true. First of...

Why I love bodystockings? PART II.

After long time I am back with my blog. So, bodystockings are introduced and we can tohether move on. In this part of my blog I will try to describe structures of bodystockings, their pros and cons. Hope you enjoy. For those, who missed first part. Please click here.


In erotic lingerie world, you can find bodystockings with several structures. Every structure depend on used material. Every structure is unique. Most important thing for women is that you must find what kind of structure is the most comfortable and friendly to your skin...

How to surprise on Valentine's day 2014

Saint Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is observed on february 14 each year. Each year Nowadays are people celebrating this day as a day of people fallen in love. Women are excited if their lover surprises them with a bunch of flowers. Or a luxury dinner in romantic restaurant is clearly a nice concept. But how will surprise a woman his lover? We have an idea.


A perfect Valentine's day is a sexy Valentine's  day. Use Your body as a present. Use your charm and performance as a sexy chic. Enhance...

Why I love Bodystockings ? PART I.

I am a big fan of sensual lingerie and especially bodystockings. It is surprising for me, when I meet a woman, who has never weared one of them. Nowadays everybody is looking for special things. Maybe bodystocking will be special for you and your partner. So why I love this unique type of sexy wear ?


Global lingerie market produces every year thousands of lingerie products. More than 60% is erotic lingerie. So this group includes bodystockings. I can give you a little description of...