Corsets once and nowadays

Corset is a close-fitting piece of lingerie that has been designed by various means in order to shape woman’s hips. The goal was to get perfect silhouette. At 18th century was corset a part of women’s every outfit a part of clothing at this time. Corsets were made of stiff bodice with laced back. Usually were made of hardened textile and leathers. First precursors of corsets were made in 15th century. What has changed in those years?

Nowadays you could find a plenty of corsets. We could divide them into two different groups. The real corsets with corset’s core functionality and corsets  made just to beautify women’s figure. Every corset has laced part, that is a must have for a corset. The first group of corsets is more expensive, according to materials and so on. Corsets really helps to get in shape that’s the main difference between another corsets without corset’s core functionality. Second group is not useless. The concept is still the same and the corset perfectly plays the role of women’s sex-appeal. Corsets could have another type of closure a hook and eye closure which is modern. In these days you could find many types of corsets, strapless, cupless, with or without garters, with zipper and so on.


Modern women use corsets as erotic lingerie for seductive moments. Corsets have unique magic and definitely increases sex-appeal. Sexy moments with your love starts with well chosen corset, with garters and stockings.

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