Costumes Duty for Party time & roleplay

Do you remember these days, when we as children have carnival parties. Every one of us was unique, has own costume and represented own beloved character. Those times are gone, but costumes are still here. They are better, prettier and designed for various events.


Party time

Costumes for parties are very well designed. They are showing specific identity and helping create custom character. Our costumes are designed to maximize womens beauty with a little bit spicy magic. You could be flirty nurse, real or sexy school girl. So if you don’t want to be grey mouse at Halloween party, shop at



Cast away stereotypes from your intimate life. Try something new, try sexy costumes. Just imagine… When you will change warm welcome for sexy welcome by your stunning look?  Think about it. Every costume from our collection is sexy, charismatic and gives extra sex-appeal. Surprise him as naughty police officer or sweet bunny. Your sexy adventures starts with

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