What expose color of lingerie

What expose color of lingerie.

It is generally known that white wears classic heartthrob, red wild carnivores. Is it true? What about another colors?

Every woman has a dominant color in her closet. This color is bounded and can talk more about the person. Perhaps feelings or behavior. The major color forms your style and image, but what about colors of your underwear?


Black - ambitious

Woman who loves black lingerie is not afraid to stand on top of everything. She prefer classic style. Her look is independent of fashion trends. She always want serious relation with serious man. She will never accept a simple routine relation.

Every man loves the look of his woman in gorgeous black lingerie. This mystic color creates romantic atmosphere and gives woman feeling of the queen.

Red - agitation

Red is the color of passion and agitation. Women in red lingerie want this. They always prefer something new in bed. They could be a little bit dramatic. Women who love pink lingerie are perfect lovers. They care about their self. Lovers of purple lingerie don’t accept any limit, also in bed.

White – natural

White color is color of virginity, passion and hidden secrets. Women who want to show natural beauty prefer white color. Staid and serious woman wear white lingerie with love. They are carefull and are not afraid of own emotions. If your boy loves you in white panties, you have a simple boy. (in life & in bed) He don’t care about sex-appeal. You will be always his goddess.

Green – presumption

Green, Blue and turquoise – note that this color is beloved by courageous. Only attractive women. They are wild and know to appreciate delicacy of love. They have good spirit and are open for humor.

Yellow – loyality

Woman who wear yellow lingerie is loyal to his partner and family. They prefer sweetness. Yellow lingerie is unusual lingerie color. Very rare.

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