Why I love Bodystockings ? PART I.

I am a big fan of sensual lingerie and especially bodystockings. It is surprising for me, when I meet a woman, who has never weared one of them. Nowadays everybody is looking for special things. Maybe bodystocking will be special for you and your partner. So why I love this unique type of sexy wear ?


Global lingerie market produces every year thousands of lingerie products. More than 60% is erotic lingerie. So this group includes bodystockings. I can give you a little description of bodystocking. “Bodystocking is an erotic overal, or suit (catsuit) mostly with open crotch. Made from nylon, or another elastic materials.“ One of huge pros of bodystockings is one fact. They are elastic. So you will never find bodystockings in size for example: “S“. It is easy to chose suitable size. The size chart of bodystockings depends on material and structure. In this case is important to know the structure. After that you could chose a suitable size. Why it matters ?


I realy love fishnet bodystocking, but if I must to chose from sizes S/M or M/L ? What will be the best for me ? M is my size. I will chose size M/L, because the fishnet structure is one of the hottest, and also the most dangerous for your skin.


More in next BLOG.



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