Why I love bodystockings? PART II.

After long time I am back with my blog. So, bodystockings are introduced and we can tohether move on. In this part of my blog I will try to describe structures of bodystockings, their pros and cons. Hope you enjoy. For those, who missed first part. Please click here.


In erotic lingerie world, you can find bodystockings with several structures. Every structure depend on used material. Every structure is unique. Most important thing for women is that you must find what kind of structure is the most comfortable and friendly to your skin and body. Every third woman from asked women used classic sheer structure. And why ? Becouse this structure is soft and friendly to every skin. I mean “every“. But here is one important thing, that these women find another structures comfortable to their skins and bodies.


Stylish bodystockings are crochet bodystockings. They are unique. Crochet structure is a little bit coarse. But is soft and very comfortable. I find crochet bodystockings charming. But in design crochet bodystockings are less decorated according to sheer bodystockings. Lace structure is one of the famest. Lace is simple magic. With lace you can make everything luxurious and elegant. Lace structure made from elastic nylon-lace or elastene is less soft than crochet or sheer structure. Women who used lace bodystocking first time, wasnt impressed. I tis not true that lace bodystockings are less flexible. But according to elasticity lace bodystockings need more time to distend.


Fishnet structure is very popular in lingerie land. Fishnet structure is nice and flirty. But it all depends on sizes of eyes. If you want to wear fishnet bodystocking, please think twice. You need to choose the right size. Becouse fishnet structure could be agressive to your skin. Simply if you love to wear fishnets. You will also enjoy fishnet bodystockings. Remember only you could choose the right type of bodystockings. Bodystockings are crotchless and sexy. Enjoy them together with your lover.


More in my next blog.


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