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Why I love bodystockings? PART II.

After long time I am back with my blog. So, bodystockings are introduced and we can tohether move on. In this part of my blog I will try to describe structures of bodystockings, their pros and cons. Hope you enjoy. For those, who missed first part. Please click here.


In erotic lingerie world, you can find bodystockings with several structures. Every structure depend on used material. Every structure is unique. Most important thing for women is that you must find what kind of structure is the most comfortable and friendly to your skin...

Why I love Bodystockings ? PART I.

I am a big fan of sensual lingerie and especially bodystockings. It is surprising for me, when I meet a woman, who has never weared one of them. Nowadays everybody is looking for special things. Maybe bodystocking will be special for you and your partner. So why I love this unique type of sexy wear ?


Global lingerie market produces every year thousands of lingerie products. More than 60% is erotic lingerie. So this group includes bodystockings. I can give you a little description of...